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Monamenach - March 2010
Ski tour to Monamenach and returning via Creag Leacach. Very windy up top.

 Initial ascent, Creag Leacach in the distance  Looking back at the Cairnwell  Creag Leacach  Creag Leacach  Starting the traverse out from Creag Leacach towards Monamenach  Somewhere enroute to Monamenach  Attempt to ski on the split board. Fairly successful.  Ascending Black Hill  Monamenach  Caenlochan  About to ascend Monamenach  Ascent of Monamenach  Caenlochan  Monamenach descent  Creag Leacach  About to descend Creag Leacach after the wind beat us back.  Creag Leacach descent  Avalanche headwall on Creag Leacach  Avalanche debris on Creag Leacach  Creag Leacach + Fiona