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Broad Law - January 2013

 Skining up the road  Skining up the road, the sheep have been here too!  Heading up Broad Law  Looking south towards White Coomb  Still skining... follow the fence posts for navigation  Looking towards Cairn Law  White Coomb  Fiona skining, White Coomb behind   Where have the views gone?  Mike   Mike     Into the murk  Radio mast, a good place to hide from the wind  Sculpted snow and clouds   Back over the gate...quite awkward in ski boots   The radio mast  Heading down, Mike keeps his skins on to begin with as it's too flat for a snowboard       Mike     A wee bit of combat skiing on the road. The bridge was the only bit with poor cover.  Talla Reservoir  Boarding down the road  Skiing down the road