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Austria 2008

 I don't think it likes us!  At the top of the Timmeljoch Pass messing about on the  View from the Timmeljoch Pass  There's something about mountains and no views when we're involved! The top of the Hangerer in the murk  And, of course, once we get down the cloud clears to reveal the Hangerer, grrrr  Walking into the Martin-Busch Hütte  Walking into the Martin-Busch Hütte, looking back towards Vent  Similaun in the distance  The Mutmalspitze viewed from behind the Martin-Busch Hütte  The Mutmalspitze from the Martin-Busch Hütte  Saykogel and it's rocky ridge as viewed from the Kreuzspitze  Similaun (far right) as viewed from the top of the Kreuzspitze  Similaun and the Hintere Schwärze  Ridge leading up to the Kreuzsptize, very glad to have my ice axe today as some of the snow was pretty solid.  Saykogel with the Hauslabkogel and the Sayferner behind  View from the top of the Kreuzspitze, looking down towards the Fluchtkogel (I think).  Fluchtkogel (far left), looking northwards from the Kreuzsptize  Saykogel  East of Similaun, Hintere Schwärze (right) and Mutmalspitze (centre)  Similaun and the Hintere Schwärze  Dodgy snow patch  Interesting drop and slabs  Left-right, Mutmalspitze, Hintere Schwärze and Similaun  Mutmalspitze  Mutmalspitze as the sun starts to set  Mutmalspitze as the sun starts to set  Similaun  Wildspitze  Sayferner as viewed from the Saykogel  Sayferner as viewed from the Saykogel  Panorama from the top of the Saykogel  Looking back to the Sayferner after descending towards the Hochjoch-Hospiz  Saykogel  Mountain art? very odd!  Saykogel and Sayferner  Baaaa!  Via Ferratta with an impressive waterfall  How civilised, topos at the bottom of every crag.  Engelswand crag  The best sport route I've climed so far, a 25m 5c+ called  Tied off and safe so Mike can take a quick photo  Climber on Moskito, the first 6b I've managed outside, albeit dogged! alas the crag didn't stay dry for a repeat attempt  Nedersee, a fantastic lake on the way up the Nederkogel  Nederkogel, it looks very close from here but it's still about 800m vertical to go from here.  On top of the Nederkogel, proof I do look at a map...sometimes  Looking down the Otztal valley from the top of the Nederkogel  Auplatte, a deserted granite slab with interesting grading!  Mike in Munich  Mmmmmm, beer!