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Sgorr Ruadh - Beinn Liath Mhor - November 2013
Day two from Coire Fionnaraich bothy

 Looking back to Coire Fionnaraich bothy  Loch Coire Fionnaraich  Maol Chean Dearg  Loch Coire Fionnaraich  Loch Coire Fionnaraich  Looking back down to Loch Coire Fionnaraich  Maol Chean Dearg  Glimpses of promising sunshine  Maol Chean Dearg from Bealach Ban  First views of Torridon  Liathach  Liathach  Torridon  Torridon  Coire Grannda  Below Sgorr Ruadh  Below Sgorr Ruadh  Beinn Liath Mhor from Sgorr Ruadh ascent.  Hoofing it up Sgorr Ruadh  Sgorr Ruadh  Maol Chean Dearg & Beinn Damh  Maol Chean Dearg  Beinn Liath Mhor  Still hoofing up Sgorr Ruadh. Rucksacks have been ditched lower down  Final Summit ascent  Path contours round for a bit. Maol Chean Dearg and Ben Damh in the background  Sun breaking through  Maol Chean Dearg  Superb summit view  Beinn Liath Mhor  Sgorr Ruadh cliffs  Maol Chean Dearg  Sgorr Ruadh cliffs  Descending Sgorr Ruadh  Back to where we started and just before we go up Beinn Liath Mhor.  Sgorr an Lochan Uaine  Loch Torridon  Beinn Liath Mhors superb summit ridge  Sgorr an Lochan Uaine  Fiona looking cheerful (honest!)  Maol Chean Dearg  Torridon  Contemplating the way ahead  Looking back to the Beinn Liath Mhor summit.  Sgorr an Lochan Uaine  Mild scrambling  Looking back to Beinn Liath Mhor summit  Onwards along the ridge  Onwards along the ridge  Sgorr an Lochain Uaine  Optional scrambling  Sgorr Ruadh  Sgorr Ruadh  Final pull to the 876m top  Torridon and Sgorr an Lochaine Uaine  Fuar Tholl  Fuar Tholl  Walking out  Coire Lair  Beinn Liath Mhor  Fuar Tholl