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Foinaven - April 2012
An outstandingly good day on this impressive hill

 Arkle on the walk in  Ben Stack  A snowy Meall Horn  First view of Foinaven. Still a very long way away!  Foinaven zoom. Snow looked like it wouldn't be a problem  The other side of Arkle is viewable now  Looking back along the track from Bealach Horn  Looking towards Foinaven from Bealach Horn  Meall Horn  Arkle  Looking back to Meall Horn from the lower slopes of Foinaven  Foinaven still a long way away. This is from the grassy bypass path on the way to spot height 808.  Lord Reays seat on the Foinaven ridge  Foinaven ridge from the 808m spot height. Still a long way to go!  Ben Hope  Cranstackie  Lord Reays seat agin  The other side of Lord Reays seat  And now the up & downs to the summit  Cranstackie again  Finally, the Foinaven summit. Still a bit to go though  Looking back along the Foinaven ridge from near the summit  A' Cheir Ghorm  Gradually getting closer to the summit  Finally, the Foinaven summit!  Lone walker descending the summit  Looking back along the Foinaven ridge  Ben Hope again  Descending Lord Reays seat  The scramble back to the 808m spot height  Lord Reays Seat and Foinaven summit in the distance  Scrambling up to the 808m spot height  Descending the 808m spot height. Its all downhill now to Bealach Horn  Foinaven dissappearing now  On the grassy bypass route on the way back to Bealach Horn  Meall Horn  Foinaven 808m spot height  Meall Horn  Probably Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill  Arkle from Meall Horn  Meall Horn summit, an unexciting grassy lump compared to Foinaven  Nice view of Foinaven from Meall Horn  Fiona & Foinaven  Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dhughaill...probably  Descending Meall Horn towards Creachan Thormaid  Ben Stack  One last view of Foinaven  Another Foinaven pic  Final view of Foinaven  Arkle  Arkle  The boulders either side of the path  Arkle  Estates cockerel