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Cranstackie - April 2012
A short walk up two very different hills

 Foinaven from the walk in  Crankstackie with a topping of morning cloud  Beinn Spionnaidh with its early morning cloud cover   Foinaven again  Heading up into Calbhach Coire. Rather than heading for the col we opted for a more direct assalt up a grassy rake.  Beinn Spionnaidh from our grassy rake  Looking north, not a whole lot out here.  Cool clouds in the west  Fiona's alternative route up the hill involving boulder hopping and snow dodging  Lots of boulders near the summit of Crankstackie  Crankstackie summit ahead  Ben Hope in the distance  Beinn Spionnaidh  Descending towards Beinn Spionnaidh  Looking back to Crankstackie, clouds starting to build with the approaching weather front.  More boulders on the top of Beinn Spionnaidh  Looking northwest down the descent ridge on Cioch Mhor  Crankstackie and Foinaven with the clouds getting ever closer  Crankstackie with lots of clouds  Baa!  Panorama looking SW from Crankstackie with Foinaven and friends