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Beinn Lair - June 2012
Just avoided a dousing. Cycle in and then long walk over Beinn Lair and Beinn Airigh Charr.

 Bikes ok  Climbers welcome  The long , long walk in... Beinn lair is that pointy hill in the distance. Later on we finish over Beinn Airigh Charr on the right.  Beinn Airigh Charr  Glorious views on the walk in. A' Mhaighdean in the distance  Beinn Airigh Charr  Beinn Airigh Charr  Still walking in. Beinn Lair looks a wee bit closer now.  Beinn Lair cliffs prominent now. Not long before we branch off this path and start the ascent.  Beinn Airigh Charr now looking a long way away  Starting the ascent of Beinn Lair  View over to Torridon. You see nothing of this until half way up Beinn Lair.  Beinn Lair summit ridge. Summit is behind this.  Meall Mheinnich. Original intention was to traverse back over here.  Steep gullys along the Beinn Lair ridge  Steep buttresses on Beinn Lair  Carnmore in the background. Another Beinn Lair pinnacle in the foreground.  A handy seat!  Fits perfectly  Beinn Airigh Charr now looks miles away!  Still a bit to go to the real summit of Beinn Lair  A' Mhaighdean  Slioch  Beinn Lair summit  Into Fisherfield  Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair  An Teallach  Carnmore crag  One of the Beinn Lair pinnacles on descent  Back to the Beinn Lair summit ridge. A few walkers visible  Looking over to Torridon whilst skirting round Meall Mheinnich en-route to Beinn Airigh Charr  WTF is this??  We wondered where the loch was.  Lewis in the distance (I think)  Incoming shower over Beinn Lair.  Heading up Beinn Airigh Charr  Showers getting closer  Some optional scrambling on Beinn Airigh Charr  Showers encroaching fisherfield  Looking west from the summit of Beinn Airigh Charr. Our bikes are at that forest on the right  Beinn Airigh Charr summit. Torridon in the distance  Showers getting really close now!  Beinn Airigh Charr summit  On descent. Some quartz bands in the rock look like ice  Obvious landslip on Beinn Airigh Charr  After the main descent, looking back to Beinn Airigh Charr. This path gets a bit scrappy lower down.  Quality bridge  Another quality bridge  Beinn Airigh Charr (left)  Last look into fisherfield before cycling out