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Sow of Atholl - December 2011
A stunning winters day that transforms this small hill

 Sow of Atholl  Initial walk in from Dalnaspidal Lodge. Meall na Leitreach in the background.  Trailbreaking  Meall na Leitreach  Still breaking trail  Looking back to Dalnaspidal  Flock of grouse  Looking down Loch Garry  Another view over to Loch Garry  Still ploughing up Sow of Atholl  View south, maybe as far as Ben Lawers  Sgairneach Mhor  Beinn a Ghlo  Looking over to Ben Lawers again  Playing in the snow  Back to Dalnaspidal  Big snow drifts  Still playing in th snow  Testing the snow stability  Yes another view along Loch Garry  Sow of Atholl  Hydro related stuff (HDR)  Sow of Atholl