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The Merrick - August 2010
Nice weather but a strenuous circuit of The Merrick and Shalloch on Minnoch

 Walk in along the fire break to the west of Shalloch on Minnoch  View over to Kirriereoch hill from summit of Shalloch on Minnoch  Loch Macaterick  Tarfessock (nearest) and Kirriereoch Hill.  Corserine  Looking back to Shalloch on Minnoch from Tarfessock  Approaching Kirriereoch Hill  Looking back to Tarfessock and Shalloch on Minnoch  Tarfessock and Shalloch on Minnoch  Corserine  Tarfessock and Shalloch on Minnoch  Final ascent of Kirriereoch Hill  Theres lots of cairns but this one seemed to be the highest.  The Merrick with  I must be in Knoydart.... Craignaw  Approaching the little spear  Merrick summit  Final bit to the summit  Ailsa Craig  Just near the summit  Merrick west ridge and intended descent route.  Kirriereoch Hill. Shalloch on Minnoch a long way now!  Summit view to the south  Kirriereoch hill  Descent now. Yet another dry stone wall in this area  Merrick North face  Still following the dry stone wall  Local cows dont seem impressed  The Merrick from the hell that is the forestry plantation  Final bit of the walk out. Merrick in the distance