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Derry Lodge - April 2007
Superb weekend camping at Derry Lodge.

 Chow time on friday night  Sunset at Derry Lodge. Carn a' Mhaim in the background.  Summit view from Carn a' Mhaim. Obvious hills are Beinn Bhrotain, Mohadh Mor, Devil's Point, Cairn Toul, Braeriach and Ben Macdui.  The Devil's Point dwarfing Corrour bothy.  Cairn Toul  Cairn Toul and Braeriach  Views as far as nevis (small cluster of white pixels) from Macdui  Still scope for winter sports round the back of Macdui  Beinn Mheadhoin with it's distinctive tors.  View over Loch Etchachan. Cairngorm  Bynack Mor and Beinn Mheadhoin obvious.  Loch Etchachan  Cliffs over Coire Sputan Dearg. Derry Cairngorm in the background.  Crevasse!  Ptarmigan on Derry Cairngorm.  Ptarmigan on Derry Cairngorm.  Looking over to Ben Macdui from Derry Cairngorm.  Derry Cairngorm  Derry Cairngorm  Glens Derry, Lui  and Luibeg  View of Derry Burn.  Home for the weekend.  Moon rising above the pine trees.  Derry Lodge  Bob Scott's bothy.  Sun setting.  Walking along Glen Derry.  Looking back over to Carn Etchachan from Glen Derry.  View from Beinn a'  Chaorainn.  Beinn Bhreac from Beinn a'  Chaorainn.  Ben Macdui from Moine Bhealaidh  Frog spawn and tadpoles.  Beinn a'  Chaorainn.  Cycling along Glen Derry.