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Spartan Slab - May 2011
Brilliant day out on the Etive Slabs

 Ben Cruachan from the car park  Mess in the carpark :(  Etive slabs from the approach  Logging operations going on  Looking back, glen etive hills behind  Etive slabs again  Below the start of  Climbers on  Climbers on pitch 3 of  Mike on pitch one  Mike, pitch one  Fiona, pitch two  Fiona, pitch two  Climbers on the pause  More climbers on  Climbers on spartan slab, pitch four  Etive slabs  Etive slabs  Looking over to the Buachailles  Fiona on pitch four  Fiona on pitch four  Pitch five  Gummi bears on pitch four belay!  Mike, pitch five  Mike , pitch five  Mike, pitch five  Climber on  Mike, pitch five  Looking back over glen etive  Glen etive from top of pitch five  Pitch six!  Climber on spartan slab  Climber on  Spartan slab, pitch one  Glen Etive  Fiona relaxing on the coffin stone  Pitch two, spartan slab  Pitch two , spartan slab  Glen Etive  Ben Starav  Glen Etive