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Dry Tool Comp - November 2009
Fiona's first experience of dry tooling

 Fiona M on the first route of the day (no. 5). It's a nice wee crack line....  My first ever dry tooling route....it all starts so well...  Can't quite believe I've not fallen off yet...  One axe on the top (both need to get there for it to count)...then...  Disaster, I fall off leaving one of the fusions 6 inches from the top of the route. The Glenmore Lodge staff thankfully rescue it as I'm too wrecked to get it back down.  Mike J  Fiona M on the next route (6 I think)      Now it's my turn...  Well, I got off the ground  And I got the 3 points for getting both axes to the white block  Now what am I meant to do...my left foot needs to go where my left hip is whilst teetering on my right foot...  Woo hoo, did it...however, now I need to stand up which I seemed to find impossibly difficult with the spiky things on my feet  Mike J   Ooops   Ooops again  Interesting traversing route that I could barely get beyond the first move on  Louise  I couldn't even get off the ground on this one. Fiona M is making it look easy  One move to go, nice one  10 more points  Louise  Ah, it all started so well...then that damned ice block got in the way  Now one of my blasted axes is stuck but the crampons won't stick to anything...  Arse! I needed both axes in the white to get my 3 points, grrrr.  At last a slab route :-)  Woo hoo, I get to the top of this one giving me a total of 29/100 points. Fiona M gets 83/100.  How to climb the wobbling wood  This looked very easy until I had a go  Lovely knee wrecking finish  I'm sure these lumps of wood are moving more for me...but then if I stood up it might be easier...  Gah, again one more move and I'd get the 3 points  Yuk, it started raining for the 3rd session. Thankfully we'd finished by then  Anna Wells in the ladies final  Fiona Murray in the ladies final  Steve Johnstone making it to the hold everyone else failed on...  and making it look very easy  Very nice.